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Our Story

Based in the European capital of Brussels, since 2008 I became a wrist watch “fanatic” and therefore it’s always a great pleasure to advice about watches weather it’s for having a watch, an investment, collecting or simply to know what time it is, I just love my job. 

I’m specialised in high-end brands mainly in “premium” preowned watches for men and women. 

Without any exception I personally and with my watch-maker I test every single watch I buy and where necessary I replace parts that need to be replaced with (naturally) original parts unless mentioned otherwise. 

Please read my description VERY carefully in order to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion, also please check all pictures posted, I try to be as detailed as possible! If you still have ANY request/question, you can call, email or even WhatsApp me. 
Prices are competitive but quality and service stands above all so please before you check other offers, take a step back and see that what we offer might be a good choice. 

If not more then selling I just love buying watches so if you have anything you’d like to sell, trade or simply estimate your watch with no strings attached, be my guest and just send me what you have... 

Other then watches, I have many many parts I’ve collected throughout the years so unless you can see it online just ask me if I have the part you’re looking, I also buy some parts if you have any. 


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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
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